Frequently Asked Questions

Can we display locations on a map?

Currently, there’s no (easy) way to create a map of where people are located. Since /whereis #everybody? does not restrict users in entering what-they-consider-a-location, different teams and users are using the app in different ways. Some do use cities as locations, but others use rooms, floors, buildings, departments, or customer and project names as locations relevant to them.

As a result, it would be difficult to create a map, since a) not all ‘locations’ can be displayed on a map, and b) we’re not restricting users to only enter locations of some kind (for example: only mappable locations).

On that last point, we’ve been thinking about this: giving an organization the opportunity to maintain a list of allowed or suggested ‘locations’, and restricting (or friendly nudging) the users to pick a location from that list. If implemented, that feature will be part of a paid subscription of the app.

Instead of displaying locations on a map, there is a feature in development to display a list of (all) users and their (current) locations in a table, with sortable columns and other ways to query the data. That’ll require a separate UI ‘outside’ of Slack, perhaps only accessible by a Slack workspace/org owner or admin. Once completed, this feature will also be available in a paid subscription of the app.