Reviewing the app?

Thanks for landing on this page. We assume that you’re reviewing /whereis #everybody? for inclusion in the Slack App Directory.

Below you’ll find some pointers to helpful information and steps to use the app in a test drive. Enjoy the ride!

Security Review

This section describes how we support Slack’s App Security Review.

App Functionality Review

The Slack test workspace contains four users,

For the first two, some location history has already been registered. Both review accounts are yet ‘unknown’ as far as the app is considered.

The Slack workspace has two public channels, #general and #random of which all four users are a member.

The following steps describe a tour of the main functionality of /whereis #everybody?. All interaction is via Slack’s Slash Commands.

  1. /whereis @gerovermaas or /whereis @jschulenklopper retrieves the current location as registerd by them.
  2. /whereis #general retrieves the locations of all members in #general.
  3. /whoisat Woerden or /whoisat Barneveld retrieves the members that currently are at those locations.
  4. /whowasat Hilversum reports the members that registered ‘Hilversum’ (a city in The Netherlands) once.
  5. /iamat some-location registers ‘some-location’ for the current user.
  6. /whereami reports the user’s current location, might (s)he have forgotten that.
  7. /whereareyou @some-user invites ‘some-user’ to start reporting his/her current location in the app.
  8. /whereareyou #some-channel invites all team members in ‘some-channel’ to start reporting their location, if they haven’t done that earlier.

Finally, to be clear, a ‘location’ can be anything a team or users finds useful: a city, but departments, projects, teams or important customers fit equally well. Some examples are detailed at a separate page on using locations.

Thanks for your attention!