Support for /whereis #everybody?

Depending on the nature of your request or question, feel free to contact us at one of these email addresses:

Generally, we’ll respond before the next business day.

Who’s #everybody?

/whereis #everybody? is designed, built and operated by two software architects and programmers from The Netherlands: Gero Vermaas and Jochem Schulenklopper. Feel free to reach out to us via Twitter.

Other ways to reach us

We are grateful for any feedback or problem report you’ve like to share with us. Issues (both incidents and questions) can be registered at our publicly accessible issue tracker in GitLab. We continue to transparently and publicly share the status of issues there, although deciding on and resolving issues is at our discretion. Refrain from including private data in your issues, as issues are public for everyone.

That GitLab issue tracker is also the place where you can report security-related issues or vulnerabilities that you might have discovered or suspect. You can mark the issue as confidential so that it’s only visible for our team members.

For convenience you can also email issues with details on what you encountered or a question you might have. Mails to that address automagically become issues in the issue tracker, and might become visible publicly as well. Please be aware of what data you’re sending to us.

Social media

Finally, you could also contact us via @iamatslack on Twitter. No guarantees on a response or our response times, but we do appreciate a shout-out via a tweet, a like or retweet.